Facilitation with Tukayote Enterprises

Trauma-Informed Facilitation and Support.

fa·​cil·​i·​tate fə-ˈsi-lə-ˌtāt 

transitive verb

“to make (something) easier”

In life, we need motivation, resources, and general advice sometimes. I am your person, a trauma-informed facilitator, and so are several associates of mine. Together, Tukayote Enterprises connects people (like you) with the knowledge, information, and wisdom they need along with personal motivation and follow-up. I am a Certified Peer Supporter with extensive personal experience with mental illness and recovery (severe treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, ADHD, and bipolar disorder I), childhood and adult trauma, generational abuse, shame, relationships, domestic violence, divorce, child custody, finances and credit, automobile repair and sales, agriculture, landlords, workplace matters, small business operations, photography, the outdoors, and almost anything else you can think of. If I don’t have an answer for and/or experience with your situation, I will happily connect you to the resources you need.

I would love to help you reach your goals in life and move from a place of feeling “stuck” to being self-empowered and moving forward in a way that brings you success, happiness, and joy. ❤

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